Thursday, August 13, 2009

~ Crafting with Cans - Take 2 ~


Hi girls!

Today I am linking up with Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land for her DIY DAY!
So if you are checking out my blog for the first time... Welcome! If you are a returning reader... go check out Kimba's DIY DAY, you will not be sorry you did! Some of the ideas these other women post are amazing!!!

Ok... on to my DIY project!

So remember the post I did the other day when we talked about my new obsession with collecting cans around my house?! It has now spread to yet another project!
This idea is super inexpensive, super cute, and super easy to make. Chances are you already have all the items on hand.

So here we go:

Grab yourself a large can, like a formula can or a coffee can. Then round up some fabric you would like to use.

If your can has an edge or rim to it you should be able to grab a can opener and take that part off. This just gives it a cleaner look and makes the opening a smidge wider! *you can skip this step if you'd like.

When your can has been cleaned, de-rimmed, and the label is off... you are ready!
*if your label comes off nicely, save it and use it as a template. I had to skip that step since my label was glued on and not coming off with out a rip, I mean a fight!

Now you can wrap plain old white paper around the can and tape it in place. I did this because my fabric was light and a smidge see through. Also it just helps bulk it up and give it a better finished look.
Just cut the paper to fit and make sure to add that extra piece and "patch" in what you are short. Get it?! Have I lost you already?! You'll get it once you start.

*Now that you have your can completely wrapped with the white paper you might want to use that to make another one... a template if you will. This is if your label did not come off nicely. Having a template made out of the white paper makes it super fast and easy to cut out your fabric... for the next step.

Take your paper or label template and measure out your fabric leaving a bit extra on the length so your seams overlap verses butting up to each other.
Just draw a light pencil line as your guide and cut out the exact size piece of fabric you will need.

Since you will be overlapping your edges, go ahead and tape one edge of your fabric to the can. This will help you get a better hold of the fabric while wrapping the can.

Wrap your fabric all the way around the can. Use a hot glue gun and run a thin bead of glue down one edge and glue the two edges together.

Cut off the extra and any fuzz or extra strings along the top and bottom of your fabric.

Waaa Laaa! Your can is wrapped and we are almost done!

Now you can just add any cute decorative "ditty" you'd like.
I chose to take some rubber stamps I had and stamp some cute things onto textured white card stock.
*Tip of the day: I ripped the edges instead of cut them... gives it a more hand made look! ;)

I added my stamped pieces to some extra cardstock to frame them in.

Then I took my hole punch and punched 2 holes in the tan cardstock at the top. This is so you can wrap a ribbon around the can and tie a big beautiful bow in the front!

Now that you've dressed up your can... you're done!

I did a row of three and put them in my daughters room!
They hold her Nuks, Hair Ties, and Bows!

See, I told ya' they would be pretty easy to make!
I hope you are inspired to make your own crafty cans now! If you do... email me a picture or leave a link of how we can see it!

Have a great day and happy crafting!


  1. This is so cute! What a great way to get inexpensive and adorable storage bins!

  2. Isn't that adorable?!?!? I love it. It dresses up your little girl's room. And you can use it for just about anything you want out of site. I love this!

  3. Thanks girls! I am new to blogging and just so giddy that you stopped by to read my post! Thanks for making a girl smile! :)


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