Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My First Time Cat Fishin'

Since my last post was a bit dramatic and heavy I thought what better post to follow it up with than a good ole' day of cat fishin'!
You all know I am married to a southern boy who (because of love) has been forced to live up Nort' and call Minnesota his home. Most of the time he doesn't mind it or do too bad... and for the most part he blends in just fine. Besides the slight accent, and occasional "No Sir" or "Yes Mam".
But when he moved up to Minnesota and heard no one cat fished... he thought we were all crazy!
So, he set out to remedy that!

Last year he got a nice little fishin' boat and since then him and the boys have been searchin' the lakes and rivers for that one amazing spot! - their hog hole heaven.
And as of about a month ago, I think he has found it!

Last weekend he wanted to take the babes and I out on the river and show us just how fun a day on the river can be and how truly exciting it is to catch a cat fish!

So, with the boat packed up and cooler loaded we set out...

Just me...

My favorite babes...

... and the river.

It was calm, quiet, and relaxing!
And the babes are naturals!
They were so excited to go fishing and they absolutely love the boat and being out on the water.

- just like their Daddy!

It wasn't long before we were back in our little spot, bait in the water...

... and a fish on the line!

Greta and Tuck were crazy excited!
Hoopin' and hollerin', jumping up and down, and definitely rockin' the boat! lol

The first question was... "Daddy can we touch the fish?!"
- to which both Tuck and Greta did proudly! -

After the initial excitement wore off we calmed down, settled in, and spent the next couple of hours just hanging out as family...

The boys had the time of their lives fishin'...

And us girls spent most of our time talking, drinking Cherry Coke, and eatin' chips!

All in all... it was a great day!
I love spending that relaxed time with my family and I love seeing Loren in his element.
A southern boys gotta do what a southern boys gotta do, right?!
Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!
And if you think Cat Fishin' is crazy... just talk to Loren or better yet, get out on the river with him!
He'll make a believer outta ya!
And as for fryin' it... well he's got that down to an art too!
Chat later,

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