Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~ New Uppercase Living Catalog & A GIVEAWAY ~

I have never made a plug for Uppercase Living on this Blog, until now! Since I am a demonstrator who sells the stuff... I thought it was justified and really about time! I will not do this often but today is a BIG DAY! Actually one of my favorite days/events of the year!

Today at noon the BRAND NEW 2009 FALL/WINTER CATALOG COMES OUT!!! Wait, wait, wait... along with... FIVE NEW COLORS!!!
(insert whistles, applause, hoopin' and hollerin' here)
I know, you want to scream don't you! Hahaha.... I am!

I will be getting my shipment of new catalogs sometime this week, but until then, starting at noon today you can view the entire new catalog ONLINE.
You can either go to Uppercase Living's main page OR you can head over to my personal website with Uppercase and view the entire new catalog, check out the new colors, and use the super fun MyDesign Tool to create your own expressions!

And just like always... you can place your order through me!
All you have to do is take down the Item Number (which indicates the product and size you want it in), color, and price. Once you have those 3 things you can either call me or shoot me an email (jenesota@yahoo.com) and I will place the order for you.
Remember, you DO NOT have to limit yourself to putting these expressions on just your walls! You can put them anywhere! So if you live in a rental, plan on moving, or just like to re-arrange your stuff a lot, you can put these expressions on just about anything! Check out their Accessories Line for a whole bunch of items you can put your new expressions on.
And don't forget to check out the About Me section on my website. You can view pictures of how others used Uppercase Living in their homes!


How would you like to win this cute little Uppercase Jar?!

Great for candy, coins, or a candle. Or, why not use it in the bathroom to hold cotton balls, or in your daughters room to hold her hair ties! This little jar can do it all. And ONE lucky person is going to win it!

Here's how you do it:

FIRST - Go to my website and check out the new 2009 Fall/Winter Catalog. Browse through the catalog and find your favorite item.

SECOND - Come back here to my blog and in the comment section tell me & everyone reading what your favorite expression is and where you would put it in your home! *If you'd like you can tell all of us what color you would do it in.

That's it, you're entered to win! See, that wasn't so hard!

What?! You love this jar so much you want to be entered to win more than once?! OK!

Here's some other things you can do to win:

* If you email or call me with an order your name will be entered into the drawing for each item placed. Example - you order 3 items out of the catalog, your name will be entered 3 more times to win the cute little "laugh" jar!
But... if you're placing an order I'd like to thank you a little more than just entering your name into some silly little drawing! So from now till August 18th I will give you 10% off your product total for any order placed. With a nice little discount like that, think Christmas, think your new babies room, think gifts for Weddings and Birthdays!

* If you book a party I will enter your name into the drawing an extra 5 times! With those odds you're bound to win, right?!
Booking a party is really not that hard or stressful. It's a fun easy way for you to earn a ton of free Uppercase product for your home! If you don't want to clean your house, bake cookies, and have 20 women over, you don't have too! Host a Book Party instead! I will give you all the catalogs and order forms you need. Then take them to work, the office, to school, to the kids play groups, daycare, or football practice. You only have to accumulate $200 in product sales to start earning FREE stuff!
But again.... if you're booking a party I want to thank you a little more than your 5 entries. As my gift to you, I would like to give you a cute little "laugh" jar and a new catalog for free. This is on top of 10% off any order you place and all the free stuff Uppercase will give you due to your party sales.
That way if you don't win the cute little jar you'll have one anyways. Or if you do win, then you'll just have two of them to display around your home!

Gosh that was a lot! So did everyone get all of that??? I hope so!
Here's a recap...

- Go pick out your favorite item and get entered to win the Uppercase Jar.
- Book a party for extra entries and tons of free stuff.
- Don't forget about the 10% off discount! Place your orders by August 18th.

And just so you know... you don't have to be a fellow blogger to win. You can enter to win even if you don't know me, even if you live in another state, even if you don't blog and just read my blog. You can win if this is your first time stopping by or your 30th time. Either way... if you are reading this now, you could win!

Now go... hurry!
The contest ends this Friday, August 7th at 10:00 pm. I will pick a winner and post their name at some point on Saturday! - probably during nap time! :)

Have fun looking at the new catalog! I hope a little bit of my excitement rubbed off on you!


  1. Okay, I had my favorite picked out even before this blog! The cute little giraffe height measuring guy! He would totally go in Ev's little play nook in the basement! :) Love it!

  2. mine was picked out to lol i've just been waiting! i have tons of favs like the cute chalk stuff, with god all things are possible and the flour/sugar/salt jars but since i already have something like those.....i'm in love with the "wake me with a kiss"! of course it would go in my bedroom and i'm not sure of the color yet since i don't have my own place yet but i love the new robins egg blue or the lemon chiffon!


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